Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TRC?

The TRC is the Tribal Resource Center for the Pamunkey Indian Tribe. The Tribal Resource Center was established and funded by an Administration for Native Americans Social and Economic Development Strategies (ANA SEDS) Grant.

What does the TRC do?

The TRC researches, writes, facilitates, and manages grants.  The TRC facilitates and funds training opportunities for the tribal government and tribal members. The TRC provides information to tribal members on federal program opportunities.

Who does the TRC Serve?

At this time, the TRC serves enrolled tribal members. When there are community events, tribal members and their immediate family. Non-tribal spouses/parents are invited to participate when they have children under the age of 18.

What does the TRC NOT do?

The TRC does not provide financial advice or personal loans or grants for individuals. The TRC does seek out grants that will benefit the entire tribe either directly or indirectly.

Where do I go if I have an idea for the tribe?

Bring your idea and any research or documentation to the TRC. The TRC Staff will do additional research. The idea will be presented to Chief and Council. If they vote to move forward then the TRC will pursue the opportunity.

How can the TRC help me?

The TRC can provide resources for any of the different program areas (Administration, Economic Development, Education, Cultural & Natural Resources, and Public Health & Safety. The TRC can also help with grant applications and pursuing different opportunities that will benefit the tribe as a whole.

How can I help the TRC?

You can volunteer and participate in working groups, at events, attend trainings, attend tribal meetings/town meetings, help research grants or participate in the grant writing and proposal process.