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The Pamunkey Indian Tribe does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.


Executive Director

Summary: The Executive Director is responsible for the Tribal management functions which encompass administration, daily operations, supervision of Tribal employees, policies, procedures and grant/program management. Ensures operations are in compliance with Tribal laws, ordinances, standards, and all applicable federal and VA state laws. Works in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer on fiscal budgetary activities and accounts. Employee oversight includes but is not limited to the establishment of working hours, approving time sheets, approving leave, specifying job tasks within the more general job duties and conducting performance evaluations for Tribal employees excluding the Chief Financial Officer and accounting staff.

Salary: $76,440 - $95,000

Job Type: Full Time

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Requests for Proposals

Cultural Resource Center Project

Project Summary: The Tribe will contract with a firm, organization, or individual to execute the scope of work identified in these RFPs. The project is federally funded through the Tribe with the purpose of constructing a Cultural Resource Center (CRC) on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation. The CRC will provide vital services to the Pamunkey Tribal Citizens to include health and well-being, emergency shelter, essential operations, and communal gatherings.


Archaeological Survey

Posting Date: 2/21/2023

RFP Proposals due by: 3/10/2023

Scope of Work: 

Phase I archaeological survey to include limited testing for the site to identify and classify archaeological resources that may be impacted by the construction of a commercial building on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation, King William, Virginia. Ground disturbance will include the installation of a well and septic system, and boring to support a building between 3,000 to 5,000 sq. ft.

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Q: What is the location and boundary of the area the tribe would like surveyed?

A: 6.69 acres. To obtain a map, please send an email to


Q: The proposal mentions both survey and limited testing. Is it the preference of the tribe to orient testing toward evaluating any sites found for their eligibility for nomination to Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register of Historic Places as a contributing resource within the Pamunkey Reservation Archaeological District?

A: If the orienting testing towards NRHP listing doesn’t create a significant cost increase, it may be factored as future work will be designed in this manner.


Geotechnical/Environmental Services

Posting Date: 2/21/2023

RFP Proposals due by: 3/10/2023

Scope of Work: 

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (recognize site conditions, research historical records, site reconnaissance);
  • Wetlands Delineation (site observations, surface report, wetland & streaming permitting);
  • Geotechnical services (to include paving design if required) - services should include 6 soil borings for the future building footprint and future parking area.

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Q:  The RFP does not include information on the size or location of the parcel of land on which the Phase I ESA and wetlands services would be performed.  We need this information in order to accurately estimate the effort that will be required to complete the work in the RFP.  Typically that takes the form of the parcel number and/or a map depicting the boundaries of the property to be assessed.

A: We do not have a parcel number. For a general map of the property, please email

Q: Will NEPA compliance be a part of this contract (EA/CE)?

A: While the entire NEPA process isn’t applicable, the Tribe has adopted the requirement of a Phase I EA to be reviewed by Chief and Council. The Tribe will expect the contractor to determine a finding of no significant impact or significant impact(s) found in the EA. The only agency consult will be the Tribe. Public comment and an EIS isn’t required.


Q: Will construction inspection require a full-time on-site representative?

A: A full-time on-site representative won’t be required.


Q: Can you provide an estimate of (approximate) square footage for the finished building size?

A: 3,000 to 5,000 square feet (approximately)


Q: What is the acreage of the parcel upon which the cultural center will be constructed?

A: 6.69 acres. For a general map of the property, please email


Q: How many parking spaces will you require?

A: Unknown


Q: Can you confirm that this will be a single-story above-grade structure?

A: More than likely single story.


Q: Since federal funding is involved, has the required NEPA process been completed? If not, will NEPA services become a part of the Scope under this RFP via Addendum?

A: Previously answered in the Q&A section


Q: Our team intends to visit the site as required. With whom should we coordinate site access?

A: The site isn’t restricted. Stop by the Tribal Office to let us know you are on site.


Q: Under the Scope of Work on page 4, the RFP references CMT services as “Additional services to be included in the proposal.”

-Can you clarify why CMT services are considered additional services?

-Should CMT be a part of the firm fixed fee $$ amount submitted now as part of this proposal, or should those services be bid later and closer to the anticipated onset of construction activities?

A: CMT should be submitted in the proposal in the cost schedule.


Q: Can you confirm that construction is anticipated to begin on or about 2/2024, as Appendix A shows?

A: Yes, that is the anticipated start date.


Q: Throughout the RFP, the Pamunkey Indian Tribe self-identifies as PIT or the Tribe. Do you have a preference for how you would like to be identified in our submission?

A: Pamunkey Indian Tribe is sufficient.


Q: We understand the Questions on RFP page 11 must be included; however, RFP page 6 - “Indian Preference” section. This refers to an “Indian Preference Qualifications Statement.” Can you clarify if the questions on page 11 adequately respond to that, or is there something else we need here?

A: Please email


Q: On RFP page 17, Item VIII. Disclosure. I am unclear if this relates to any potential conflicts that should be reported, or are you asking us to disclose other current work (workload info)?

A: Current work.


Q: RFP page 5 States in Proposal Response Requirements that “Design Services Agreement Terms & Conditions” have to be included... Is that F&R’s standard T&Cs? There is no further reference to this in the rest of the RFP, so we are unaware of any other terms and conditions that should be included.

A: T&C’s for your company.



The Tribe currently does not have any volunteer opportunities for non-Tribal Citizens.

Enrolled Tribal Citizens should refer to the Citizen Portal for volunteer opportunities.